Embrace All of You... Flaws and All

As a professional I strive daily to encourage and educate my clients on how to feel and look their very best. Life happens and can challenge our consistency of taking care of our beauty and health. After spending months hidden away in our homes quarantining to stay safe from COVID I have been able to reconnect with some of my clients that I haven't seen in a while. During this pandemic I have had the opportunity to partner with God by helping transform lives from the inside out. I'm so grateful to share these experiences with you. 

I would love to walk you through my client's transformation service. 

 The Problem:

During her consultation I was able to gather so much about her hair. Here are a few things that were collaborated through observation:

  • her scalp was extremely dry, flaky
  • locs lacked of moisture
  • locs and scalp lacking hydration (drink little to no water)
  • her locs were breaking and thinning (lack of protein)

 Although this may seem like the worst thing that could happen to locs they were definitely an easy fix. Here's a clip of how her locs looked.

I started her process by tapering the the sides and back to rid the extra hairs that will be unnecessary for her style. As you can see in the bottom video her scalp appears very dry. I took my time shampooing and deep conditioning her locs at back bar. Back bar is so necessary when getting serviced. This allows the locs to get cleansed, gain restoration of moisture, hydration, and or protein. I applied a Moisture Mask Treatment to her locs and scalp. This allowed the locs and scalp to restore moisture and reapply shine back to the locs.

The Experience:

After the locs was treated I was able to start the locking service. Some locs were repaired where they lost strength. As you can see her locs looks replenished in moisture and a lot healthier. This transformation was such a beautiful experience. After styling her locs I realized she has a beauty scar on her scalp that she has had for sometime now. You can see it located on the middle left side of her scalp. Sometimes it can be an immediate response for us to cover the irregular things about ourselves. It could have been so easy to cover this scar by allowing the locs to flow on the left side of her face. In the midst of her service we discussed how often do we try to cover the very thing that makes us different or unique. Are we able to embrace our most authentic self in all our circumstances. Even if it makes us stand out. The very thing we try to hide or is ashamed to embrace is the very thing that sets us apart. What is it that you are hiding or not embracing about you? 

Some things may take you to take small steps to build confidence about. You may even fight and battle with a lot of insecurities about what people may think once you start to embrace it. Confidence is not an over night job but it is something that is built as you continue to endure it. Find out what your thing is and let's start to embrace the steps for you to embrace every flaw of you. Inspite of every flaw God loves us for who we are so why would we want to cover or hide the things he created about us?? He created a masterpiece when He thought of you. We are a beautiful masterpiece of His creation. May this give you courage to embrace the most unique things about yourself that God wants to use for His glory. May your confidence be built in Him and he'll allow you shine from the inside out. 



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