Overcoming the Fear of Having Microlocs

MYTH: “If you get your Locs too small then they will break over time”

MYTH: "Small Locs will cause your Locs to thin”

As a stylist I’ve heard quite a bit about what cause the Locs to break or thin over time. These 2 myths are the top two that are quoted every time someone start their locs journey. If you are considering starting locs I would like to encourage you to say the size of your Locs will not determine if your Locs will become damaged or not. It is the improper care methods and inconsistency of maintenance that brings the red flags of hair breakage. I’m not quoting that your hair will not ever break. the chances are very rare when you take care of your Locs.

Listed below are a few benefits of having micro Locs and small Locs:

🔸 Micro/Small Locs can show definition and details
🔸Micro/Small Locs will emphasize fullness rather if Locs are down or styled
🔸 Micro/Small Locs can maximize your versatility for styling

Here are a few ways on how to keep your micro Locs strong and healthy:

🔹 See a professional loctician or stylist for a consultation in regards to YOUR hair condition.
🔹 Stay on top of your appointments (I require my clients to come every 4-8 weeks depending on their hair conditions. It’s very important for you to invest in your Locs to see the results you will like to have)
🔹 Be sure you are oiling and moisturizing your Locs at home as well.
What you do at home plays a HUGE part in the results of your Locs.

Small Locs can be just as FIRM and STRONG as traditional locs. If you love to style your locs small Locs will be a great way to Start your Locs to help with versatility! Take the limits off your Locs and embrace them anyway you have it!

By Alia Freeman










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