Pure and Beautiful Bride

Pure and Beautiful Bride


As a bridal stylist I am learning that each bride has something significant and beautiful about her that makes each experience different. I can always walk away with new insights and gems.

My latest bride to be was Alexis and the time spent was new and different for us both. Alexis booked a bridal trial which allowed her to get a clear visual of what her hair would look like on her big day. It was her first time in quite awhile where she was able to book a professional service with her Locs. She has been growing her Locs for some time now and wanted to have a fresh elegant look for her wedding day.


All bridal trial services comes with shampoo and conditioning services as well as styling. Alexis opted not to have her hair retwisted during her trial session, but I was able to create a sleek look that mocked the style she requested. I must say that her hair still came out amazingly well.


The Details of her hair:


For her wedding day, Alexis received a fresh retwist, which sleeked her coily hair with a neat blend into her Locs. Once her hair was neatly retwisted, with clips holding her locks in place, Alexis was set to dry. Once dry, I removed the clips and began to style. The front was done in flat twists that blended into a bun, customized to be big enough to cover the entire back of her head. The position of her bun would allow her veil to lay properly on top. Once the bun was done I placed rhinestones hair pins into the open spaces. This gave Alexis’ hair a beautiful and elegant look.

On the day of Alexis’ wedding we met up at the venue at 7 a.m. to prepare for her big day. The wedding venue was located at the Red Gates Farm in Savannah Ga. where she was scheduled to have a beautiful outdoor wedding.

While we were waiting for the venue representatives to open the building we started talking more about her last day being a single woman. As we continued to talk God showed me the that purity is a lifestyle.

Here’s some unique things I learned from Alexis on her wedding day:

She loved nature and animals,

She decided to not wear makeup but instead get a facial and embrace her naturally beautiful skin,

She truly had a signature of authenticity with her presence,

Her and her soon to be husband decided to honor God with their bodies while they were dating to marry.

I was truly blessed to serve Alexis for her bridal experience. It was the most pure and beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. And it was such an honor to play a part in her ceremony.

If you are a woman dating to marry I pray that you will continue to trust God with his timing. May you keep Him head over your life and continue to trust the process no matter how long it takes. May you prepare yourself to be a daughter of our King while he transform you to becoming the wife a king.

It will be so worth the wait.

Wait with elegance. Wait with resilience.

Holiness is so beautiful.