Regaining Trust Back Into the Salons

As we are living in today’s time the salons are shifting into different styles, cultures, and sizes. Those who grew up in the older times would remember the times the salon was crowded with women and children, laughter and smiles, spritz and oil sheen. The salons has evolved in some good and bad ways. The main topic in our community is finding the right salon and or stylist that accommodates their needs. Its very common that the customer is looking for a stylist that they can trust with caring for their hair and beauty needs.
During the consultation its very common that the client releases the frustration of their last service at a salon or with a stylist. This can be very devastating to a stylist who really love their career. I have seen many clients start doing their own hair at home, looking at YouTube videos, and or hiding under wigs for months to years because of a bad experience they’ve had. There are also some who have been going to their stylist for some odd time and still struggle with trusting their stylist with their hair because they never healed from past experiences.
I would like to provide a few steps on how you can regain your trust back with your stylist or to gain a new experience with your next stylist.
If you have lost your trust due to your previous stylist’s lack of communication, tardiness of work, unprofessional-ism, or etc. consider this scripture
Colossians 3:13
Don’t be angry with each other, but forgive each other. If you feel someone has wronged you, forgive them. Forgive others because the Lord forgave you.
This scripture doesn’t make it any right for their behavior but simply so you can be FREE from the situation. Don’t carry yesterday’s problems into tomorrow’s blessings. This saying means so much especially if you are leaving from one salon to the next. Comparison is of the enemy and the enemy can easily make you go back in forth in your mind. It’s okay to make valid points with the stylist about what to expect so you won’t end up with the same results. But most importantly try these following steps as you visit your next salon.
Expectations. What are some expectations that you are looking for when you think of your salon home? Simply pray before going. You can never go wrong with asking God to direct you. Are you looking for a salon that provides the hair? What’s your budget? Are you looking for professionalism? Are you looking for a kid friendly salon? Are you looking for a salon that offer hair care services? No matter what your preferences are there is at least one salon that offers what you are looking for.
Consultation. Consultations ARE IMPORTANT. They are a formal introduction between you and your new stylist. The more detailed your consultation is the better your service will become. This is the time to ask all of your questions. If your stylist doesn't ask enough questions during this time feel free to ask the questions that you are curious about before getting serviced. Questions about the pricing of products and services can be asked during the consultation to help you become aware of the stylist’s professionalism.
Build a relationship. When you build a relationship with your stylist that allows he or she to understand you more. The stylist becomes more eligible to be more familiar with your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, stress levels, health concerns etc it allows the stylist to know how to empower you, style you, and know what’s going on with your hair based off relationship building. It is so important for a client and a stylist to build a relationship because it is what will help the stylist and client connect during the service.
Be open. Be open to try something new. It’s so easy to stay in your comfort zone. Once a relationship is established your stylist can help you embrace change in certain seasons of your life. For instance, when you get married, when you go on vacation, when you start a new job and etc. When you open up to your stylist, they can help you build confidence in new looks that you probably would not have thought of.
Communication. If you are unsure of something feel free to ask questions. It's never crazy to ask questions. When you ask questions it helps with communication. Some services fail because of lack of communication on both ends, client and stylist. The moment communication is concise and clear there’s a better response between the client and stylist. I truly believe the enemy uses lack of communication to keep us from uniting together.
I hope these 5 tips have given you some hope to try one more time, especially if you are discouraged. God created hairstylist to help us embrace the image he has given us. Don’t allow fear of getting hurt again cause you to not try again. Although you can shop wherever you would like for your hair services your consistency and dedication to one stylist can promote healthy hair growth and build a relationship with a stylist who can help you feel beautiful during every service. Therefore you can stay accountable with your stylist and get on a steady schedule that fits your needs.
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