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Are you a client that seeking courses on how to maintenance your hair better at home? 

Our client community is a place where clients can connect with professionals for their beauty services. Not always can you find the right information we need from the internet that will give you the results you are looking for. We have made it easier for you to connect with our professionals right at your fingertips. Feel free to explore and download courses, tips, and purchase products right here in the client community. We are here to support you and give you the virtual beauty experience you need.


Client Workshops

Are you a client that seeking courses on how to maintenance your hair better at home? This collection is made simply for you! Click to view the available workshops available to take your hair to another level.

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I've had a wonderful time during my virtual session with Queen Alia! She was prompt, very knowledgeable, and patient with me. She's provided excellent customer service by insuring that I was prepared with detailed instructions and had the best products/ supplies for her course. She explained how to care for my hair type and taught a variety of techniques to achieve the coils. "YES TO CURLS FOR THE GIRLS!" (lol) Ms. Alia exuberates a high level of professionalism and fosters a caring environment. I would highly recommend her to anyone who's struggling with how to care for their hair!

-Charise Morris



“Let the customers do the talk for you”