Master Cosmetologist. Entrepreneur. Educator. Beauty Image Consultant.

. I have been born and raised in Savannah, GA for the past 32 years. I am a daughter of the King and absolutely love building, teaching, and empowering God's people for the kingdom. I am a leader that finds joy in helping others through transition and transformation through stages of life, business, and beauty.

I have been in the industry for 18+ years. I remember when I was 13, my parents started to invest in my gift by purchasing marcel irons, mannequin's heads, blow dryers, and flat irons for Christmas and birthday presents. I started building a clientele while living with my parents that led me to finding a salon to work in after beauty school. My desire to become a beauty educator started in school. While I furthered my education and gained practical knowledge and skills, I would help my classmates with natural hair techniques and business skills while we serviced clients on the salon floor in beauty school. 

 After closing Divine Allure Salon in 2018 I noticed a gap in the beauty industry. There was a need for different backgrounds, cultures and races to diversify in the beauty industry. It was the perfect opportunity for me to expand in education and learn all different hair types and textures. I became a multicultural hairstylist that positioned me to educating other professionals on how to master all textures using the professional tools, products, and techniques.                   

From there I launched Educate Beauty 360 which is a virtual platform where clients and professionals can connect and gain education, consultations, and coaching online. This virtual beauty experience provides a trusted community for clients and professionals to connect and grow.

It is my personal desire as a leader in the industry, to create opportunities for professionals to grow and create environments where client can have a trusted space of freedom in beauty. It is my prayer to support the industry by impacting it with great innovations that will allow the industry to grow.

I am a dedicated trailblazer and builder that's fully committed to empowering the next generation in beauty and business. I look forward to connecting and building relationships in the community with the future faces of beauty.



Outside of my career I absolutely love spending time with my family, traveling, cooking and exploring! I'm highly passionate about learning new things that will always bring innovation and education to any platform I serve. In my free time you can always find me in a book or exploring the beautiful Savannah and Pooler areas.