As an educator I am consistently researching, experimenting, and evaluating ways to improve the beauty industry. This industry is forever evolving and I'm beyond passionate to provide education as trends are being created. As we are evolving I believe that the foundation of it all is to never stray away from hair care. Education is our FUTURE. As we continue to pursue the industry there will always be opportunity to provide education on how to maintain healthy hair. 

When we are educated about our beauty we can feel confident  and empowered to get the results we need. 

EDUCATE BEAUTY 360 is a place for community, beauty professionals, and salon owners to gain beauty support as the beauty industry shifts. This program will provide empowerment and education in texture techniques and styling, salon leadership and business structure development, and coaching and mentorship. These programs are available at your fingertip as well as in house events to build community and also bring an impact to the beauty industry. There will be digital courses, in salon workshops and events, and how to tutorials available. I look forward to connecting and building this community with you as we take beauty to another level. 


Take your beauty skills to another level by investing in yourself. Build and gain all that you need to feel confident as you grow to your next level. Click below to join the Client Community!