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School is back in VIRTUALLY! Its is a huge shift for everyone! In the midst of these changes its only right to nurture,  provide guidance, and build up our children in this time to be sure they can still thrive in excellence. I am confident that God has a plan for the children no matter what shifts out of our control! His plan is to prosper them with no harm and he wants to give them hope and a good future! 

This hands on workshop is a POWER shift investment for your child to gain confidence in beauty and become empowered from the inside out. They will gain the keys to success on how to WIN virtually this school year! Virtual Education is the future and it’s important that your child shows up with excellence! Invest in this workshop to help build your child’s virtual presence for this school year!

What's Included:

  1. Hands On Texture Workshop
  2. Product Gift Box (each Box is filled with customized products to fit the conditions of each students hair texture)
  3. Product Knowledge Education
  4. Empowerment Session

Ages: 7-14 yrs of age

One on One Consultation (parent must be present during consultation but is not required to be present during group session)